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International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University on 12-14 May 2011

The CARMEN Executive and Academic Directors, Simon Forde and Gerhard Jaritz, attended the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University on 12-15 May 2011. Dr Forde attended the Medieval Academy of America’s annual CARA luncheon on 13 May. This gathering is the venue for the North American centres for medieval studies and the equivalents of national associations (i.e. “regional associations”) to meet. Everyone in turn talks for five minutes on what their centre/association has achieved in the past year, any particular successes and specific problems it is facing. This year the attendance numbered 43 people, probably representing about 25 centres, several regional associations, and several related organisations (such as TEAMS, or Medieval Institute Publications), plus CARMEN and a few other international institutions. The theme that people were asked to address was “how is your centre affected by the economic crisis and do you have any lessons/successes to share?”

Dr Forde spoke on behalf of CARMEN and distributed leaflets outlining its activities. He also had the opportunity to meet delegates from Taiwan and China. It is hoped that representatives from both these national associations will attend CARMEN’s annual meeting in Madrid and that CARMEN reps will in turn visit Taiwan and China in late 2011 and early 2012.

Dr Forde and Prof. Jaritz held a series of other informal meetings with many CARMEN colleagues, particularly to construct some research groups for imminent ESF Exploratory Workshop applications. Two Canadian partners (from the Universities of Saskatchewan and Ottawa) also discussed embryonic research projects focusing on cognition and neuroscience, and on research into the role of oral tradition and First Nation land-claims.

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