CARMEN Annual Meeting in Prague is approaching! Join us in the beautiful...

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The Summer School of Medieval Studies (Letní škola medievistických studií) is held...

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After the successful reading event last year, CARMEN prepared reading for the...

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Market place

Market Place 2011 in Segovia

Market Place 2011 projects presented in Segovia can be downloaded from or

Market Place 2011 in Segovia

Market Place 2011 projects presented in Segovia can be downloaded from linkto:1404041487 or linkto:1404041485.... Read more

Market place 2011.pdf

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“Mappings” at Leeds

For the International Medieval Congress at Leeds 2011 five Sessions/ Round Tables have been organized under the rubric 'Mappings' that the organizers hope will become a regular feature of the conference and, in so doing, advance the study of the history of cartography and space. At the same time, mapping medieval Europe has also been, for some time now, an idea pursued at the CARMEN meetings in order to create... Read more

Medieval Memoria Online. Commemoration of the dead in the Netherlands until 1580.

The Medieval Memoria Online project (MeMO) catalogues and describes texts and objects that are fundamental for research on the commemoration of the dead, i.e., memoria. Extensive descriptions of these sources will be searchable through a user-friendly web-based application that will be available free of charge by the end of 2012. For more information please see or contact Dr. Truus van Bueren, .  ... Read more

Sermons Research Group at the Centre d'Etudes Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale (CESCM), l’Université de Poitiers

The publication in 2007 of the Repertorium of Middle English Prose Sermons by Veronica O'Mara and Suzanne Paul greatly facilitates the task of identifying important but neglected groups or collections of sermons. The CESCM at Poitiers is looking to set up and coordinate an international team of editors whose task will be to publish such groups and collections on a regular basis in as reliable a form as possible. The... Read more

Commanderies of the Military Orders: their national profile and international setting

Objectives: the present project (FCT PTDC/HIS-HIS/102956/2008) comprises a study of two Portuguese Commanderies in Alentejo (Noudar and Marmelar) contemplating the historic evolution, the artistic and architectural heritage; a publication is planned. Context: The choice of these Commanderies (one of the Order of Avis and the other of the Order of St. John) can be explained by their different emblematic role: if Noudar is a land of frontier directly related to... Read more

Disease, Disability & Medicine in Early Medieval Europe AD 400-1200

This is series of workshops organised by Dr Sally Crawford (Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford) and Dr Christina Lee (School of English Studies, University of Nottingham), with a peer-reviewed journal. It is the leading UK interdisciplinary forum for scholars working on disease, disability and medicine in a variety of disciplines and regions of Medieval Europe; but the project is open to extending its base beyond the UK. For more... Read more

Modern Cultural Appropriations of Medieval and Renaissance Drama and Other Performance Arts

How have medieval performance arts been used in modern times across Europe to comment on the modern cultures to which they are appropriated? The project will engage with seeking and mapping the ephemeral records of significant modern productions, extending the work of the WUN funded project "2MP" and will investigate case studies of modern revivals, reconstructions, and appropriations, to explore how the impulse to revive the performance arts of... Read more

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