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The Summer School of Medieval Studies (Letní škola medievistických studií) is held...

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After the successful reading event last year, CARMEN prepared reading for the...

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Report from CARMEN participation at CARA meeting (Medieval Academy of America)


The Centers and Regional Associations (CARA) committee of the Medieval Academy of America held its annual luncheon at the Kalamazoo congress on Friday, 9 May 2014. About forty centres or institutes and several regional associations were present to give short verbal reports on their main activities and successes during the past year. Simon Forde, CARMEN Executive Director, reported on CARMEN's activities during the year.

CARA had held its first new-style annual meeting alongside the Medieval Academy's own annual meeting, this year at UCLA in April. In future the CARA two-day meetings will follow directly on the end of the MAA meeting.

The new Executive Director of the Academy, Lisa Fagan Davis, confirmed that the Academy is now able to fund the CARA chair to attend the CARMEN annual meetings from the Academy's own funds.

A full report on the CARA meeting at UCLA and the CARA luncheon will become available shortly on the Academy website. More information on CARA itself, the model on which CARMEN was based, can be found at