CARMEN 2020: A VIRTUAL MEETING We are very sorry to announce that the...

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CARMEN Annual Meeting in Prague is approaching! Join us in the beautiful...

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The Summer School of Medieval Studies (Letní škola medievistických studií) is held...

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CARMEN is an independent, not-for-profit organization whose executive committee works on an honorary basis, with expenses or travel costs normally not reimbursed. Fees for speakers at CARMEN’s meetings are also kept to a minimum. In this way we ensure that CARMEN’s annual costs remain very low and the great majority of its spending goes on bursaries for early career scholars, including doctoral students, and scholars with limited budgets.

In order to maintain our open and inclusive character, and to ensure the sustainability of CARMEN for the future, annual contributions for participating affiliated member organisations and individual members have been introduced. We list on our website these contributing institutions and individuals. We will happily provide supporting documentation or letters of receipt, as required by your own organization.

Benefits of CARMEN Membership

  • CARMEN members get connected through our annual meetings, offering opportunities for collaboration and project development
  • Members receive invitations and updates for the annual meeting, including bursary options
  • Possibility for your home institution to organize CARMEN’s annual meeting
  • Eligibility to present at CARMEN sponsored sessions

Individual Membership Fees

  • 30 euro for a 1-year membership (entitles to attend one annual meeting for free)
  • Free places for associates of member organizations (please check with your own institution or national association if they are a CARMEN member)
  • Discretionary fees for unwaged, students, and other scholars upon request

If your institution or national association is not yet a CARMEN member, but could benefit from joining us, please download our CARMEN membership letter here to inform your institution. You can also contact us ( and we will contact your institution or national association.

Affiliated Member Organizations

(i) Over 500 associates

  • As a contributing member 500 euro (the “contributing” rate is the minimum requested)
  • As a sustaining member 950 euro (the “sustaining” rate allows CARMEN to expand its activities and grants)

This permits up to five or ten delegates, respectively, from the member organization to attend each annual meeting for free.

(ii) Over 200 and under 500 associates

  • As a contributing member 250 euro
  • As a sustaining member 500 euro

Permits up to three or five delegates, respectively, from the organization to attend each annual meeting for free.

(iii) Under 200 associates

  • As a contributing member 100 euro
  • As a sustaining member 250 euro

Permits up to one or two delegates respectively from the organization to attend each annual meeting for free

How to Pay

You can transfer the money to our CARMEN bank account through online banking or via Paypal.

Banking details: PayPal to

IBAN DE32100777770538340100
norisbank GmbH
10910 Berlin

Email address for payment issues, for other

Please state “institutional membership [and name of association]” or “individual membership [and name of person]” so that we can match the payment to the payee.