CARMEN Annual Meeting in Prague is approaching! Join us in the beautiful...

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The Summer School of Medieval Studies (Letní škola medievistických studií) is held...

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After the successful reading event last year, CARMEN prepared reading for the...

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MECERN - Medieval Central Europe Research Network

Medieval Central Europe Research Network founded. The Organizing Committee in the Dept. of Medieval Studies, CEU wishes to announce that MECERN, founded at a conference last year, is now operative. The aim of this project is to facilitate cooperation between students of the subject on an international and interdisciplinary basis, and initiate or support joint projects. The network and CARMEN are mutually cooperating. Interested scholars and students are invited to join by registering on the homepage HTTP://MECERN.EU. Signing in allows members to search for scholars working on related subjects, time periods, etc. The NEWS, EVENTS, BULLETIN BOARD pages are open for contributions from any member. Presently MECERN envisages two common projects. A short term and a long term one. The short-term project –in the form of an essay competition – would aim at a critical and comparative analysis of the image presented in (secondary school) textbooks in the region about the history of the Middle Ages in the countries of the region. Main interest would be the presentation of the attitudes to “ancient neighbors”, i. e., the image conveyed about the relationships between the peoples and countries of Central Europe in the Middle Ages. The competition will be open to academics, history teachers and university students. Details on the webpage under PROJECTS. The long-term project is the edition of a research handbook on the Middle Ages in Central Europe. The purpose of such a Research Companion would be to assist medievalists mainly from outside the region to find resources and up-to-date research results about medieval (i.e. ca. 800-c. 1550 AD) Central Europe (“from the Baltic to the Adriatic”). For details, see the webpage under PROJECTS. The next meeting of MECERN will be an international conference in Olomouc, Czech Republic, on 31March—4 April, 2016.