CARMEN’s next Annual Meeting will take place in Prague, coorganised by the...

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CARMEN, The Worldwide Medieval Network, is pleased to announce the second CARMEN...

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 The CARMEN Reading Room (Session 853) on the theme of Memory will...

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Market Place 2013 in Porto

2013 Market Place, held on 14 September in the Fundação Engº António de Almeida during the CARMEN Annual Meeting, was a successful meeting with 18 stalls, occupied by a variety of researchers and institutes originating from nine different countries (USA, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Hungary, Austria). The participants made an impressive effort to visualize and promote their research through posters and PowerPoint presentations. The venue and support from the Foundation greatly facilitated exchange of projects, ideas and contacts among participants.
To receive feedback from the participants, the organizer made poll on the format and running of this year’s Market Place. The Market Place is generally thought to be an important way to present research, institutes, journals, publishers etc. Moreover, talks and discussions with attendees helped to develop projects, formulate questions, and reach out to interested scholars in other countries and fields. In order to strengthen the follow up effect in further cooperation, posters and information in electronic format will be put on the CARMEN website, section Market Place or Archive.