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CARMEN Annual Meeting – Stirling, Scotland, 12-13 September 2014 - a report

The Centre for Environmental History and Policy at the University of Stirling hosted the Annual Meeting in 2014 in the weekend just prior to the Scottish independence referendum. The delightful college site, overlooking the meandering river Forth and in sight of both the Wallace Memorial and the Highlands, was a beautiful setting.

Several sessions focused on digital humanities and heritage, while another focused on how Scottish heritage and history surfaced (or, in fact, didn't surface) in the contemporary referendum debate. A number of workshops developed new collaborative projects, including one on Uses of the Past. The 50 or so participants also included a number of early career researchers from Europe and South America. And the Market Place was evidence of the dynamism of international medieval projects right now, and how the "social impact" agenda is beginning to shape scholarship.

The programme is available at